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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Belfast

If you are travelling for different activities to Belfast, maybe for vacation, sightseeing, business or educational tours, Coach Hire Belfast are here to help. We will drive you to and from any destination you wish to visit and give you the most comfortable ride.

Many companies out there promise you so much when you are hiring them, but once you do, they do not deliver. At Coach Hire Belfast, we have had so many cases of people who have only faced disappointment out there. We have taken it upon us to provide the best, be faithful and reliable to our clients.

When travelling for a sporting event, we ensure that our coach's give you a comfortable environment will all our modern equipment, creating the right mood for the game even before you get there. With us expect no fatigue because the seats are soft leather recliners.

To ensure that your journey is fun, we provide top notch entertainment that is DVD players that keep you busy as you listen to your favourite music while on the move, watch all the movies that you prefer and receive announcements. TV screen where you can watch all your preferred channels, watch news, music and so much more are provided. A fridge and a coffee maker which allows you to refresh yourself depending on whether you love your drinks hot or cold are also served. Overhead reading lights for book lovers, this helps you not to strain while you read. There is so much more that you can enjoy with Coach Hire Belfast.

Reliable, Luxury Coaches

Belfast Coach Hire do the best in ensuring that clients travel in safety, that is why all the coaches undergo a scheduled maintenance program by experienced technicians so that passengers are worry free during their journey.

We provide transportation for different groups of different sizes and individuals. We offer school transport for students all over Belfast. There is nothing as good as knowing that your children are safe and well taken care of. We drive you to and from different airports in Belfast, ensuring that you check into the best hotel. For people who have come for business, we drive you to your meetings in elegance and style, wait for you as you go about your business, and take you back to where we picked you. We offer our services for weddings, where you do not need to hire many cars also saving on cost and time.

Belfast is a beautiful town known for its amazing attraction sites. Many people visit this serene place just to have a peace of mind, walk along the sandy beaches, and enjoy some time away from family. We help you tour the place in a short while and we give you a tour guide so that you do not miss a thing.

Having worked with many passengers, Belfast Coach Hire are very recognised and known all over. We are devoted to offering our customers the best they can get anywhere. Our vehicles are luxurious and the prices are affordable.

Experienced Coach Drivers

Our staff are highly trained and skilled, they are very efficient and reliable, they undergo training every often so they can keep up to date with the modern technology. All our employees are fully certified.

Contact us for more information and for booking. Coach Hire Belfast is the way to ride.

Minibus Hire Belfast

If you are planning to travel to Belfast for an event or an occasion, you can hire us to drive you on a daily basis. While in Belfast, you can tour the amazing sites that Belfast has to offer such as The Northern Ireland War Museum. In there, you will find different exhibits that are labeled with an explanation about the war that was. The Museum is very rich in the history of Belfast. You might actually get surprised by some details that you will find there. It is a very small museum but still very informative.

The Irish Republican History Museum is also a must visit. This Museum will show you a different side of all the things you hear about its history. There are so many untold story that you will learn after visiting this site. There are so many artifacts that show you the real struggle of the Irish Republicans. Those are just but a few places where you can spend some time.

Convenient Minibuses

So many people struggle while looking for the best means of transport. Minibus Hire Belfast is here to ensure that your struggles are no more. We are ready to take you transportation needs as our own and ensure that your ride is flawless and comfortable. The worry of the traffic jam, parking slots and delays is what we are here to help you with. Trust us for exceptional service delivery, efficiency and reliability.

Having been in the industry for decades, we now offer transportation for institutions, we drive you to wherever you want to go anytime of the day. With us, you can expect no delay. We pick and drop teams from airports and help them check into hotels. We load and offload your luggage and assist you whenever you need help. We drive teams travelling for business to and from meetings and ensure they arrive in style. Our minibuses are most suitable for medium travelling groups but we can also offer transport for small and large groups.

Modern Minibuses

Our minibuses are modern with all necessary facilities to fit the desires of our customers. We have DVD players that allow you to watch your movies of choice and also play your favorite music. We have also checked that you are refreshed by facilitating a coffee maker and a fridge. You can have your drinks in the comfort of your leather recliner seats. We have an onboard PA system so that you can receive announcements and also have yourself a guided tour. Some features are; tinted windows for your privacy, stereo system, carpeted floor, safety belts, TV screens and so much more. With us, expect comfort and luxury at its best.

Minibus Hire Belfast hires qualified employees that are fully certified. Our drivers go through refresher courses so that they are up to date with the new technology. All our vehicles are fully serviced and maintained by our experienced technicians for the safety of our clients. We charge you the most reasonable price you can get for the luxury we provide.

To book our minibuses, you can email or give us a call and we will be ready to assist you.

Our Services In Belfast

If you're planning to have an annual company meeting at Belfast or any of its surrounding areas talk to us. We have a team that comprises of experts in organising group transportation and will be ready to help you rent your minibuses or coaches perfectly. You don't have to do everything by yourself when we can help you.

You may be wondering what kind of minibuses we are offering. The minibuses that we provide are luxury high end minibuses of various seat capacities. These are ideal for groups ranging from eight individuals, and the biggest minibus can accommodate approximately eighteen people. Therefore, no matter the size of your group, small or big, we can handle it impeccably.

Broad Range Of Vehicles

When it comes to Coach Hire services, Coach Hire Belfast has a broad range of coaches. From standard coaches to luxury or corporate coaches and executive coaches, you can never lack one that suits you. No matter your need, you are all covered. For example, if your wants to transport business gurus to an executives meeting in Belfast, our executive coach is excellent for you.

Is it a family outing to Belfast Botanical Gardens? This Lush Park of the United Kingdom features the best open spaces in the entire United Kingdom. Let us be your tour guide by ordering a free quote today. We will get you to whatever location you want safely, comfortably and in the most pleasing way.

Looking for a coach or minibus with every feature you would love to have in a vehicle? Our coaches stand out, having the finest of the amenities. Is it a happy environment you would like to have on your journey? Our minibuses and coaches have the best entertainment units you can ever find in any vehicle. In addition to that, we have acquired DVDs and CDs from various top musicians. You can play any music you want at the comfort of your seat.

Luxurious Cabins

If you are looking for comfort, Coach Hire Belfast is a five star service provider fitted with all comfort. All the minibuses and coaches that we advertise ready for hire come with the most comfortable leather seats which are fit into the cars. Moreover, the seats are recliners so you can adjust them to any of your desired levels.

When you travel in a vehicle with minimal space, you are likely to strain throughout the journey. It also causes discomfort, and you can never enjoy a trip in such a situation. Coach Hire Belfast coaches and minibuses have sufficient space in front of the seats for your legs. Even if your journey is long, you will never experience foot problems after traveling in our vehicles unless there is another cause.

Belfast being a city in Ireland usually experiences winter and summer seasons due to geographical location. During such seasons, the weather is not favourable because of extreme temperatures in summer or too cold in winter. For this reason, we have devised a way to make sure during such times; the environment in our minibuses and coaches is conducive for a comfortable journey.

Excellent Travelling Environment

Our coaches and minibuses have overhead heating systems which are meant to create a warm environment when temperatures are extremely low. When the weather outside is hot like in summer, the vehicles have air conditioners help to create a cooling environment. Whenever you travel with us, you don't have to worry about climatic conditions.

Is it a conference travel you want to hire minibuses or coaches? Don't allow worry to get the better of you, whether you choose our minibuses or coach your luggage will have enough storage compartments. All the minibuses and coaches that we offer come with ample underneath luggage areas. Additionally, they have overhead light luggage storage areas where you can keep your necessities. Coach Hire Belfast makes sure all you need for travel is there.

Been flexible is one of the most important means of ensuring all customers are satisfied. Even if you order a minibus or coach in short notice, we will be able to deliver. Our fleet consists of so many coaches and minibuses you can be sure whatever you need is just a phone call away.

For booking, we have a very elaborate website, and the procedure is not complicated. In fact, the whole process can take you just a minute to finish. Otherwise, we have very active staff members who will be ready to receive your email or phone call and will assist you immediately. Our professional staff is very responsive and will assist you immediately.

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